Colorbond Fence, using high quality materials from Bluescope Steel

We supply and install high quality Australian made Bluescope Steel Fences and Gates.

Sloping Site - Stepped Fence 

Higher fence - More privacy with 2.1m High Fence or higher

Sloping site - Sealed the bottom of the fence line

Retain a small amount of Soil with Sleeper underneath

Choose any Colour from the Colorbond range

Single Gates, Double Swing Gates, Sliding Gates

1.8m 1.8m

Colorbond 1.8m High

2m 2m

Colorbond 2.0m High includes a Timber Sleeper underneath 200x50mm

2.1m 2.1m

Colorbond 2.1m High

2.2m 2.2m

Colorbond 2.2m High includes two Timber Sleepers underneath 200x50mm

2.3m 2.3m

Colorbond 2.3m High includes a Timber Sleepers underneath 200x50mm

Steel Posts Steel Posts

Colorbond Fence with Square Steel Posts 50x50mm

Lattice Lattice

Colorbond Fence with Lattice on top

Timber Post Timber Post

Colorbond Fence with Timber Posts 125x125mm

ColorChart ColorChart


Single Gate Single Gate

Colorbond Single Gate

Sliding Gate Sliding Gate

Colorbond Sliding Gate